Miscellaneous resources

This is a collection of miscellaneous resources that may be useful to OpenDocument users.


Wouldn't it be great if there was a common, distinctive OpenDocument icon that everyone understood? If we did that would vastly improve awareness of the OpenDocument format. Take a look at our icon proposal and tell us what you think!

Publicity banner and button for ODF Viewer




These label templates are suitable for KWord, OpenOffice.org Writer, NeoOffice and all programs supporting OpenDocument.

For webmasters

Are you in charge of a website? Are you a webmaster or a webhost? Let us show you how you can configure Apache or IIS to recognize OpenDocument files. In other words, make your web server send OpenDocument files with the correct mimetype.

Conference materials

Materials for people attending a conference representing the OpenDocument Fellowship. Read more


For those who need it, here is a list of OpenDocument filetypes.