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Where can I read more about OpenDocument?

There are a lot of good resources about OpenDocument. Here are a few that we recommend:

Answering Microsoft: Comments on Microsoft's Letter to MA by David Wheeler (29 October 2005)
Answers the comments made by Microsoft to Massachusetts regarding their plan to migrate to the OpenDocument format.
Everybody's Guide to OpenDocument by Marco Fioretti (18 Oct 2005)
Sorting out the facts from the errors and omissions in recent reaction to Massachusetts' announcement to use OpenDocument.
Economics Researchers meet OpenDocument by Marco Fioretti (8 Dec 2005)
Describes a talk given to a group of Italian economic researchers about the future--and costs--of information exchange and archiving and the possibilities offered by open formats. Here is the related slideshow, titled "How file formats can be used to favor (or hamper) innovation"
Is OpenDocument an Open Standard? Yes! by David A. Wheeler (9 February 2006)
Examines the criteria for an open standard, and shows that OpenDocument meets those criteria.
What is OpenDocument by Sam Hiser (27 July 2006)
An introduction and summary of the state of play in July 2006. Includes a lot of detail written at a level easily understood by non-technical people.
Debunking Myths on Open Document Formats (ODF) by Bob Sutor, IBM (25 Oct 2005)
A good summary in plain English. Also available in ODF presentation format and PDF.
The Future Is Open: What OpenDocument Is And Why You Should Care by Daniel Carrera (30 Jan 2005)
Summary of the history of OpenDocument up to early 2005, why ODF is important, what it needs to succeed, and what you can do to help. Mainly of historical interest, given developments since then.

Wikipedia article on OpenDocument - Note: (August 2006) Recently this page is being frequently altered by unknown parties to include incorrect information. Do not rely on its accuracy at this time.

OASIS FAQ on OpenDocument

Open Standards vs. Open Source, Part 1: Standards. Bob Sutor explains the difference between open standards and open source in non-technical language.
Open Standards vs. Open Source, Part 2: Software

On the art of disinformation: telling the big lie by Andy Updegrove (8 May 2006)

Where can I read news items about OpenDocument?

News items about OpenDocument are on the News page.

Where can I find more technical information about OpenDocument?

The Developer's Corner includes a browsable copy of the book "OpenDocument Essentials" by David Eisenberg.