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OpenDocument Fellowship is a volunteer organisation with members around the world. Our goal is to promote the use and development of the OpenDocument format. We believe that open standards can create a level playing field where all software products can compete fairly.

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Our mission

To support the work of community volunteers in promoting, improving and providing user assistance for the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) and software designed to operate on data in this format.


You can contribute in many ways. You do not need to be a member to contribute as a developer or in other ways. You do not even need to be very technical. Please see the Contributing page for more information.

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You can donate money to fund development projects through our Targeted Donations Programme, or contribute to a general fund to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Voting membership

We have a type of voting membership. The benefit of membership is that you can vote on major decisions. To be a member you have to be nominated by a current member and approved by the current members. If you're an active contributor and we haven't offered you membership, don't be too shy to ask. Read more

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Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously and we will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute the information you submit on our website. Your personal information, including your email address, will be kept in strict confidence. See the terms of use for this website.

Accounts (income and expense)

The Accounts page shows income and expenses for the OpenDocument Fellowship that have gone through the bank account and PayPal account maintained by the Friends of OpenDocument Inc. on behalf of the Fellowship.